Mai 19, 2017

My Venice Biennale Journal

On my trip to the Biennale in Venice, I was not only able to see gazillion of Art pieces, but also to create some myself on the road.

All these people, places and conversations that I was able to witness, needed to be reflected somehow. That´s the reason why I always carry my sketchbook and aquarelle paint with me, so I´m able to capture, put notes and make some portraits. I also love to produce photographic work in cities I travel to and when you meet some familiar faces from Berlin on the way to the Pavilions, one thing leads to the other…

The process of getting creative in public spaces always fascinated me, you change the environment through the intervention and you take the inspiration with you. Where I paint or photograph I feel home very quickly.

In this series of collages, I worked with both, my original sketches from the days in Venice and the photo series I produced with Lilli Moors, that I photographed all around the city each time with another element of the surrounding, that I painted on location on her skin. In combination with the drawings I hope I can make you feel, how joyful, beautiful and inspiring this trip to Venice has been to me.

Special Thanks to Lilli Moors, Martin Eder, Marcello Pisu and Ilaria Ruggiero


lilli_tafel1 lilli_tafel2-Wiederhergestellt lilli_tafel3 lilli_tafel4 lilli_tafel5 lilli_tafel6 lilli_tafel7


Februar 23, 2017

Shurooq Amin


When I meet Shurooq Amin at the Artist in Residency Villa Lena in Italy, we connect right away. Looking at her work underlines this even more.

Her mixed-media interdisciplinary work, whose purpose is to instigate change in society speak to me and inspire me to start a collaboration to interpret her work and life in to my own visual language. Shurooq was born to a Kuwaiti father and Syrian mother whose purpose in her work is to instigate change in society.

Despite the shut down and censorship of her show It’s a Man’s World in March 2012 by Kuwaiti authorities, a year later,  Shurooq was awarded the title of Artist of the Year by the Arab Woman Awards, and has since become the first Kuwaiti female artist to be auctioned at Christie’s auction house and shown at the Venice Biennale.
She exhibited her 14th solo show in Kuwait April 2016,  was Shurooq’s comeback to her native Kuwait, where she had been censored and banned from 2012.

Talking about her life, being a single mother of four and her need to speak up with her reflections about the cultural socio-political situation in the Middle East, is so fascinating and manifest these two pictures in my head.

I am so grateful for this exchange and the collaboration leading into these works, a beautiful exchange and friendship.

1#“Where ´s no Heaven“
shurooq_amin2 Kopie

2#“There´s no Hell“

shurooq_amin1 Kopie