I need to confess: I love horse trading. How nice is it, if you skip the money part and give service to each other. A win-win. When I started telling friends that I needed a new website, I got this recommendation: "Jonny is your solution. He solves any problem for sophisticated and also complicated clients, in tailor-made digital worlds, with special feeling for design".

I was down - he was right.

On top it turns out that this young upcoming UX design star is about to establish his own well-practiced team of freelancers that fight in the digital world, together as a team, location-independent, for the end of the era of agencies that connect you to the client and keep 50% of each side.

I like that, they like my style, I make a concept for a photo series: Flash, Boom, Bang - DEAL.

I think that is as perfect as a trade could get. Especially if you decide to launch your website only 8 weeks later, together at the same day. My images needed their programming and their web design needed my images. Nice one. Totally satisfied and with the highest recommendation. I am also thankful for enlarging my circle of friends at the same time. MY WEB GANG. THE BRIDGE

we are amazing. really amazing



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