Februar 10, 2020

A Day with the Duster

When I meet Eike von Stuckenbrok with his friend Johannes Bonke, I realise pretty fast that the Duster is more than just a car. More than just a vehicle to get from A to B through Mexico. It’s true love.

Eike (a Berlin-based artist, performer and director of the outstanding Birdmilk collective) and Johannes (a Berlin-based producer) bought the yellow duster two years ago on craigslist. Since then they put a lot of time, money and love into the car, drove thousands of miles, growing as humans and also together as friends.

One day they take me on a trip together with Vinny Olympio (an artist and creative director living in San Fransisco) and Klaudia Oliver (a cultural alchemist, artist, and event producer living in San Miguel).

I get a glimpse of their life on the road with the yellow duster.