July 28, 2015

CAMINO / Santiago de Compostela

When I arrive in Santiago de Compostela, the city is full of pilgrims that just arrived. Pilgrims, that talk about “their camino” and ask you all the time about yours. By mistake you could think ones could get inspired by them. Not me. These enlightened people that became “better humans” through walking and self-reflection, are kind, but go pretty fast on my nerves. So, I decided to look on the opposite side: the people of the city, the ones that do not travel, the elder people, those who stay and give the city a special character without being pretentious about being holy, even if they are all the time close by the famous cathedral. I see them being shy with the tourists, they go to their own spots and sit on benches outside of the old town. They seem to be often more enlightened than some of the others I meet. Cause they seem to know that the camino never ends, cause it´s the camino of life.

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