Juni 22, 2016


Alex Valder is a designer of unique minimalistic and thoughtful objects and furniture.  When I learn to know him years ago, we realize that we share more than just our interest in art and design, but also a similar vita. We were both born in the same hospital, grew up in the same block in Wilmerdorf a district of Berlin, went to the same primary and high school and even our studies we both absolved at the University of Arts. But ten years of age difference made an earlier encounter impossible. when I started at primary, he was already in high school and so on. When we decided to collaborate on a photoshoot, we wanted to beam us back in time a common ground of another place we shared with many other Berliners growing up in the western part of the city: The Kiesgrube.Many excursions with family and school remember on happy days as a child jumping, running and falling from the sand hills in the middle of the forrest close by Teufelssee. We took Eda (3 years) and Nane (6 years), two sisters that just grow up now like we used to, on a day trip to the sand fields to shoot this series of happy days. Happy about the reunion of a hand full Berliners at an almost forgotten place.

Thanks to the kids, Sarah (Nane and Edas mother) and Güray (the father) and of course Alex Valder! www.alexvalder.de  www.maisonmariaodelga.com



We stay curious


We find peace


We free the fish


We make a wish


We keep on playing