November 6, 2019


There are luckily these places in the world, where people from different countries with a similar mindset gather in peace to celebrate life. I’m happy I found another one: Bonjuk bay. My friends that created the Per Anhalter Festival brought me there in the first place, but the magic of its nature and people kept me there for much longer….15 days full of music, laughter, dancing, painting, and photography. My sabbatical 19 could not have started better… see you soon Bonjukians!

When I decided to guide 39 people into a creative-energetic workshop about the different elements, air, earth, fire and water, I was able to see, how much the people would create out of the aspects of the certain element they represented. The participants of the Air group acted logical and structured, while the earth gang had a grounded and archaical approach. The once that represented Fire were emotional and high energetic, while the water ones went either in all directions or were standing still like a glass full of water.

This workshop ended in being a stunning two hours photo-performance at the beach of Bonjuk, with me as a witness. Thanks to all participants, the Per Anhalter Festival and Bonjuk Bay.