August 9, 2017

Sabbatical – summer 17

This was an amazing but intense year so far. It´s time to take some time off to travel, make new plans, get inspired, make new free work and breath out.

It´s pretty natural for me and my crowd that my camera get´s involved sometimes, I also had to experience again, how talented (and pushy) my friends are, when it came to the point, they wanted to capture me… well, I guess it´s fair enough after all these years of me shooting everyone and the mother.

These are the first two trips, I went sailing in Croatia, invited by my dear friend Brant Richards and went right after to the Garbicz festival in Poland, with a whole gang of amazing lovely and beautiful friends, some of them you can find in the series, but the battery of my camera died, so I am very sorry I couldn’t´t capture all people I made a face paint with…. looking forward for next years garbicz… and of course any sailing trip that´s coming up.






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