Staatsoperette Circus

Photo series:Circus!

For Staatsoperette

This photo series created for Staatsoperette Dresden for the image campaign 22,  conceptualises the idea of a queer imaginary Circus. Sceneries that  happen in the nothingness of darkness were only few items catch the light to create surreal stages somewhere outer space.

It was so much fun to create all these imagined stages and to work with a whole team of professionals to realise my before sketched phantasies in reality. I worked very closely on the costumes with the dancer and Stylist Leonardi Paoli, which was just a beautiful collaboration between two artists. For this series the concept of the make up was very important, and not always easy to realise my scribbled ideas on to the different faces. So even if everything with premeditated, some things were changed till the last minute to make the picture perfect.

All dancers and singers that are from the ensemble of Staatsoperette collaborated just beautifully in their given roles and the whole team of Staatsoperette Dresden was incredibly supportive on the shooting day. A big thanks to everyone involved, not to forget the intendant Kathrin Kondaurow who trusted my vision once again in this intervention and made it all happen!



Making of the Circus series

Scribbles of the whole concept

Sketching the Make-up Concept