Stages - photographic narratives

Having successfully collaborated for several years already with Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Esra Rotthoff was asked to pitch her concept for the soon-to-be-reopened Maxim-Gorki-Theater in the heart of Berlin on Unter den Linden. The Gorki is the smallest and most beautiful of Berlin’s state theatres, and its new artistic director, Shermin Langhoff, had come up with a striking new concept for multicultural theatre as a public space; a contemporary reflection of today’s human condition and our conflict of identity. 



In this series, Esra developed photographic narratives for each play, staging scenes that reflect in sometimes cheeky, sometimes consciously referential ways the types of people and experiences that make up contemporary Berlin, creating a photographic reinterpretation of the theatrical subjects.

For Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, for example, she juxtaposed the contrasting ideas of an idyllic garden and family scenes with a lone woman in a virginal white dress stained by vomited blood-red cherries. 

The protagonists were frequently staged with the sky visible in the background in various locations across Berlin, furthering the idea of the city itself as a stage and the sky as “bluescreen” of sorts, a consistent backdrop from which the figures pop out in sharp relief.

The images were used by the theatre as posters and billboards that spoke to the city, galvanizing dialogue and interaction between the theatre and a wide range of Berliners by birth or choice.



gorki_plakat_kohlhaas_v1-1gorki_plakat_und-dann-kam-mirna_v1_rz gorki_plakat_nibelungen_v2

gorki_plakat_die_ungehaltenen_rz gorki_plakat_mania_v2b-1gorki_plakat_onkel_wanja_nd


gorki_plakat_draussen_nd gorki_plakat_verruecktes_blut_ndgorki_plakat_wirzoepfe_v2_rz_f39L_4c

gorki_plakate_produktion_v2_uebergangsgesellschaftgorki_plakat_smalltownboy-1 gorki_plakat_the-situation_v1_rz

gorki_plakat_schwarze_jungfrauen_v3_egorki_plakat_aufstand_rz_f39L_4c gorki_plakate_produktion_v2_kirschgarten

gorki_plakat_musa_dagh_v2 gorki_plakat_eroticcrisis_v2-1gorki_twitter_kinderdersonne

gorki_plakat_liederabend_v4_rz_f39Lgorki_plakat_woyzeck_v2 gorki_plakat_europe1414_v4_rz




schwimmen_lernen_highres_rgb Kopie



Der_Russe_highres_rgb Kopie
kirschgarten_ruth_highres_rgb Kopie

header_mania Kopie

gorki_nibelungen Kopie

mr-sloane_presse Kopie

onkel_wanja_72_dpi Kopie

die_ungehaltenen_72dpi Kopie

schnee_72_dpi Kopie
liederabend_sesede Kopie


small_town_boy_FUERlepo Kopie

verruecktes_blut_f39 Kopie

zement_favorit3 Kopie

aufstand_berabeitet Kopie

common_ground_final_layer Kopie

das_sog_draussen_highres_rgb Kopie

kohlhaas_f39L_300 Kopie

kinder_d_sonne_lowres_rgb Kopie

the_situation_300 Kopie

gorki_small_town_boy_300dpi Kopie

musa_dagh_final_anschnitt_300dpi Kopie


und_dann_kam_mirna_layer Kopie

the_situation_300 Kopie

die_ungehaltenen_72dpi Kopie kirschgarten_ruth_highres_rgb Kopie