March 13, 2020


*When you geht up at 6 and you’ve got more of the morning…

With the Mexican model ‘Isabella’ (New icon models) & original artworks by Olivia Steele.

March 9, 2020

The ACT to undRESS

TEXT by Mona

Who are they?
What is moral? Where are the boundaries? What is freedom? What is beauty? Is it good? What is desire? Who decides what we desire? Is it bad? Who makes the rules? What are the rules? What is age? Who am I? What is womanhood? What is strength? What is right? Who is culture? What is wrong? Am I beautiful? Am I smart? Can I be both? And loving at the same time? And strong?
Am I too old? Will I regret this? Am I scared? Am I the others? Or am I me? Who are the others? Why do I care? Do I even care? If I don’t, what am I scared of? Why do I play by the rules? What are these rules even? And who makes them? It started off with a conversation about a very artistic Bikini Foto – Part of a Creative Story- that we took during our México travels. I told Esra that I think it’s a shame I can never really put any pictures online that show  “a bit too much skin” or could be seen as too sensual or suggestive, because that could harm my reputation as an “serious actress”, or I will be put in a certain niche and won’t be offered strong parts anymore. 
Recently I also started a career as a Djane. Already a very empowering feeling and new pathway, but wait, 
how are the rules there? Is it against my street credibility? Am I less cool then? Just a random chick? Not a real artist? What will they say? Who are THEY? Do they exist? Or are they just in my head? I just know, 
I am a lot. I am empathetic. I am smart. I am emotional. I am strong. I am a woman. I am creative. I’m a pain in the *** – Oh, I guess I am rude – whatever. I am warm-hearted. I am fierce. I am silly. I am sweet. I am tolerant. I am funny. I am polite. I am weak. I am powerful. I am moody. I am determined. I am lazy. I am understanding. I am impatient. I am learning. I am dialectical. I am fucking complex…. and I am naked sometimes! Often actually. Does that make me any less of all the rest?
Is it wrong to be a lot at the same time? 
Then I like wrong. Two years ago I decided not be living my life by the rules of fear. Everything that scares me but seems to lead to growth and doesn’t harm anyone – I’ll do it. Here we are! Naked on a stairway in Mexico taking these pictures. No one got hurt. We had fun and I had one of the most liberating strengthening experiences ever.
Seen through the eyes of a strong woman and supported by exactly this strength, the playfulness, intelligence, power and love of my amazing Esra! Thank you Esra!