December 2, 2018

Loving Kindness

Since I started meditating on a daily basis, I also see how my process in photography changes. It feels like things are created by themselves rather than by me with the need of an explosion of high energy.
This feels like this way of creating is much more satisfying and sustainable. This series was created in just a few hours, while next door at Munzstudio a dinner Party was happening. I used this occasion for this free series asking attendants into my studio, for trying to reconnect people in a one-to-one moment with themselves, through little tricks of my practise: feeling one selves with closed eyes and attention to the breath. Also,I let them chose of a large table with flowers and plants. I believe, if we are connected to the very moment, we are connected to everything, to us and this stunning world we all live in, being a part of nature itself. Thanks to everyone who participated, for their trust and openness and the love they spread throughout the sessions!


loving_kindness_esrarotthoff loving_kindness_esrarotthoff2 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff loving_kindness_esrarotthoff8
loving_kindness_esrarotthoff4 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff5 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff6 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff7
loving_kindness_esrarotthoff9 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff10 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff11 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff12 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff13 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff14 loving_kindness_esrarotthoff15

October 17, 2017

October shots

In a magic castle not far away

anarchy 3 nights 3 days

creatures coming out of every whole

looking holy  – after all










YR2A0397 Kopie