February 8, 2018

The Saga of Ruby & Charlie

Some things only come to the forefront, when someone let´s you seek deeper and invite you home.

The real treasures for me, are people that take me on their journey and to their roots of their identity. In Australia, I have met people whom I now consider to be very precious friends. They were willing to share their authentic, layer less and honest life with me for which I am forever grateful. I have experienced some special moments with new friends and their families, even venturing to a farmhouse out of Melbourne to see the family home of two sisters I met. In a land that´s huge, dry, just trees, kangoroos, horses and silence… I meet the family Knox. They live in a woodhouse that was once standing miles away and then cut into two pieces to be transported and rebuilt on this spot, that´s were the Knox Saga starts.

This is dedicated to Ruby, the youngest sister of four Knox children that I love very much, as she loves her dog Charlie.

” The Saga of Ruby and Charlie”