September 12, 2017

Dutch Poetry / Robert Beversen

When Robert comes to Berlin three years ago, our paths cross for the first time. I guess it´s a similar frequency we share, which brings us together each summer of the following years and so this summer. He is that kind of man, who is old school in the best way – full of poetry and joy. Always a smile on his beautiful face, I lose it once in the middle of the shooting, when I say: ” Robert, can you stop with this stupid smile, please?” And I feel already horrible in the moment the words leave my lips… did I say stop and stupid? I should have said, give me more of of that smile, it is so contagious! Dutch poetry beats my Berliner “lip”; he takes me on the back of the bike over bridges across the canals to his favorite bars in town, shows me the pretty flat skyline from the highest building of Amsterdam and plays the guitar like some young god. I feel very blessed to receive a poem (he calls it riddle), that Robert wrote me to publish it here on my blog. Again, dutch poetry…. and yes, I can give every single word back to you, dear Robert. “I want to thank you!” love, e

“I want to thank you”

It drives, it energizes, it gives hope and supports faith;
It fills and humanizes, never jeopardizes and is god-made;
It is in the rush of Amsterdam and in the heart of Berlin;
For ethics and aesthetics it hides at the very begin.

By it I will never feel much grief, never feel untrue;
Won’t have to stare in disbelief or stare into the blue;
I feel it all the days, starting when we had to say goodbye;
Cause now every time I gaze, I’m looking inspiration straight in the eye.


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