August 18, 2017


This is another free shoot i made this summer, which I was only able to finish up in my sabbatical. By that time I was cross reading books about our eventually fucked up future, based on the idea of dataism and the new religion coming straight from silicon valley, and also some articles about greek mythology and the idea everybody is going back to a specific archetype based on the first design of the gods and goddesses. This was as interesting as devastating and I felt the need to lead into my own reflexion connecting these two topics in my work. Well I know, my concept is pretty much underneath the surface of the series, but… these were my thoughts. When I discuss these theories with my precious friend Marcello , he brings up the word Dæmon, which is the Latin word for the Ancient Greek daimōn “god”, “godlike”, “power”,  which refers to the daemons of ancient Greek religion and mythology. I also find out deamon is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user is. The title was born. When I think of possible locations for the shoot, the Teufelsberg, (literally ‘devils mountain’ ) with its former US spy station from the 1960th comes to my mind as the perfect spot for my intervention. Phillip offered me to assist this time, and gabriela and i started to work on the props. I planned to make a selfportrait as one of my heroins athena, but in a more let’s say, cyber version… anyhow, free shoot rough plan, the crew for this hot sunday afternoon was found, when boris and marcello joined. Not that this is already complicated enough, i also decide to shoot with the brand new fuji middle format camera, that i rent from probis to try it out. Well, some sweat later the sun sets and this series was shot.  Thanks to my team and to the Teufelsberg crew for their support!Props: Gabriella Rioux, Assistant: Philipp Primus, Deamons: Marcello Pisu, Gabriella Rioux, Boris Tankilewitsch, Philipp Primus









I loved this magic place so much, that I decided only two weeks later to shoot the photography for the poster for Sebastian Nübling´s soon to be premiered play: ‘Nach uns das All’.nach_uns_das_all_layer



August 9, 2017

Sabbatical – summer 17

This was an amazing but intense year so far. It´s time to take some time off to travel, make new plans, get inspired, make new free work and breath out.

It´s pretty natural for me and my crowd that my camera get´s involved sometimes, I also had to experience again, how talented (and pushy) my friends are, when it came to the point, they wanted to capture me… well, I guess it´s fair enough after all these years of me shooting everyone and the mother.

These are the first two trips, I went sailing in Croatia, invited by my dear friend Brant Richards and went right after to the Garbicz festival in Poland, with a whole gang of amazing lovely and beautiful friends, some of them you can find in the series, but the battery of my camera died, so I am very sorry I couldn’t´t capture all people I made a face paint with…. looking forward for next years garbicz… and of course any sailing trip that´s coming up.






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