Januar 12, 2017


Cover shot and title story for Missy Magazine #1, 2017 with a bunch of youngsters at Görli in Berlin! The topic is revenge… Heftcovercover_final


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November 5, 2016

To the point: Irina

INTRO:by Esra Rotthoff

When Irina writes me of her wish of a commissioned photo series of her by me,  I totally feel from the beginning on, that there is a dedicated young woman, who doesn’t´t fit to the cliche of a vinyl-DJane of techno, house and disco.

Maybe because she uses words like border experience, self destruction and the beauty about it, she get´s my curiosity.

It was a great experience, much fun, great talks and a very concentrated professional work, that made me happy and proud: two young woman of the new generation without anyone else involved, we planned the outfits, the make ups and the sets and locations, knowing all the time exactly what we wanted.

straight to the point, no ego bullshit, no detour, no-one to ask… wonderful.

I feel very flattered that some people out there really seem to understand, what, how and why I am doing this. For me it is still a miracle how people can read that with only looking at my pictures, before we had a personal moment… Irina is one of them. Thank you! (Closing with Isabella, check her out on Soundcloud)



Text by: Irina/Closing with Isabella

A genuine achievement requires leaving of the comfort zone. My whole life has been a constant departure. First I felt as if I had been forced to escape myself every single time that my roots had a slight sensation of touching the soil. Later determined necessity changed this feeling. A unique content was searching for appropriate space.

That’s how I came to Berlin to work with electronic music including djing. I was studying musicology on Humboldt University passing Gorki Theater every time I made my way from the music institute to the canteen. The tiny sidewalk made me face the fence with the current posters of the theater productions. And I couldn’t care less until the line of pictures was over, but my mind kept hanging there, in the fabulous world of crazy colours and forms. 

I went back and gazed on the photos. Every new image was a universe in itself in which every detail fit and in the same time was so incredibly sassy. The ideas have been brought to the very point and the pictures crashed into my head and blew it up like bombs. It was an “Ah” and “Oh!” and “Oy”… Finally the female knight riding the horse with a helmet in the disco ball look gave me her majestic speech:”Irina, it’s time for some fresh party!”

She was so right. My unique content crashed into unique content. This time I felt like breaking through my personal limits out of power. And this time I got a perfect partner – Esra Rotthoff. The photo series was meant to express spectacular sensations of a DJane. As I play disco, house and techno using mostly vinyls, the look was all about the theme, glitter, glam and colourful lights with a whole lot of severe darkness and mature nudity.

I am a personality with attitude. And so Esra is. Rock star feeling from the view of a great avantgardistic working artist.

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