Juli 28, 2015



Bye bye AMERICA,

this is my 75 days conclusion:

“ I lost „
4x iPhone charger
2x toothbrushes (one electric)
1x bulb of a flash
1x memorystick, 32 GB
8x socks, 2 heads, 1 scarf
“ I found „
my peace & time,
silence, fun, freedom,
balance, enlightenment

August 12, 2013

Sanna O’Sullivan/MIAMI

Oh Miami. All these pastel shades; it starts already with the cheesiest sunsets, the buildings in light coral and jade. The people with perfect bodies and plastic surgery faces. It looks like a cliché itself. But some people stand out. When I saw Sanna the first time passing by the Lincoln road by bike, I thought: „That is the way a girl should look in this surrounding“. A pure natural beauty, shaped by the sun and the ocean. I was so happy meeting her by chance days later again working in a surf shop. The next day we met early in the morning. Fall in love with her – like I did.




Sanna O’Sullivan„Having a mother from Finland and a father in the US military, I’ve had a constant life of travel. Citizen of the world if you will. Living in Miami for now, I mostly ignore the hustle and bustle of the city to focus on spending as much time as I can between the sun and the sea. Loading my bike with my boards and taking off whenever I can, with my beautiful lover and dog by my side. The only constant in my life has been the ocean and undying need to connect with others who believe in this more simple way of life. My life is that- water, love and embracing the natural. I was so happy Esra came into my work, saying she saw me riding my bike days before and thought „classic California beach babe“ (or maybe bum…) and would love to take some photos. The whole experience came completely natural, even having been my first time photographed. She couldn’t have captured me more in my element, on my local beach doing what I do surround by what I love- waves, sunshine and an uplifting and free soul like herself.“