July 22, 2015


All characters are real, the story is based on my story and
only makes sence if it melts up with yours


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I met Tom Stawe at Rampert St in New Orleans and we decided to share a cab.Tom came from South England to New Orleans to stay for 17 days, but he never left for over 40 years. He fell in love with a girl and the city. He worked many years as a producer of music, with local artists. Excited like I was when he agreed to get portrayed by me at his home right away, I totally forgot where I was. New Orleans is in the top ten of Americas most dangerous and criminal cities. When I left his home (spooky enough) he sad:”Watch out, where you go and with whom you talk.” From that moment on, an adventure begun.

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Tom Stawe

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I met Wilma Ballsdrop when I made my way out to french market close by the Mississippi, where  he works in a Beignet shop.
About himself he says:”Im a sultry charismatic individual with a passion to give back. Coming from a super religious family i learned many things. I started volunteering with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as well as working in a service industry here in new orleans while being embraced by the warm cultures and good food i have fell in love with the city that has such potential to place you where ever you desire!”

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CC aka Courtney Mcray is traveling with her dog Lady bird, back and forth from Texas

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Andrew Wiseman is musicain and knows the best spots in town. I meet him at the river in perfect light, dressed up elegantly. People that are passing by are greeting him, his phone does not stop to ring, while we take the photos. He lives since 13 years in Nola and plays percussion.

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Ronald Carter walks in perfect symmetry under the bridge, when I want to cross .A beautiful picture, but also a little bit spooky. He walks fast to me and starts a conversation. He tells me his wife dies 2 years ago and he lives together with his daughter, that is sick and he would be on the way to the pharmacy. I overcome the moment of scariness and take some video and picture stuff and donate at the end a part of the costs for the medicine. I guess, New Orleans is full of people with similar tragedic life stories, that ask you for money. I heard around 10 of them. Not saying this one is not true.

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Valentina Addabbo is from Seattle but has italian roots. She is travelling together with her boyfriend Mark across the country. They met 3 years ago at a party and fell in love.

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Mark Huffan from Wahington left Washington 6 years ago. Since then he is traveling around and is totally in love with Valentina.

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The Mississippi

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July 22, 2015

Free campaign for New Orleans

I fell in love with NOLA. I met so many friendly, beautiful people down here and I asked them to make a statement about their city. I felt like I had to do it ,  to give a little bit of the beauty back the city is offering me and to fight for the good in the people and against the problems of New Orleans.


When I asked the cleaning lady that works at the hotel I am staying at, to take a portray of her, she first is shy.  But after a chat and a coffee in the mysterious back yard, she takes out the crystal ball and opens up. Later, when I saw, myself as a reflection in the crystal ball how I just took the picture, I found it like it´s is kind of a prophecy: After the first portray of my art-poster-campaign of Phyllis, I will take even so much more.