February 24, 2020


Hanging out in Tepotzlan, at day at the pool, at night in the jacuzzi. Personalities that needed to be captured. Thanks to everyone and the pool:)

And at night we get baked in the jacuzzi, our hands tell the story…

February 20, 2020

Radiating Light

It’s time to collaborate.

When I’m with friends in a rooftop bar called Supra, looking all over Mexico City a mysterious man with a head gives me a beautiful, round crystal lens and asks me to collaborate on a project. Soon comes out, that the Berlin connection is involved. Marcello Pisu, who’s in charge for the Supra art and culture programming, worked together with the now-not-so- mysterious-Brent Pearson- after-all, on this concept. Brent is the founder and designer of the lenses, that are also sold as art pieces in various shapes and sizes (futureeyes). They invite photographers to use the crystal lens in front of their own camera lens, to get incredibly different results and create their own reality. They ask me to capture things that radiate the most light for me in life, which is easy: People! Here in Mexico I’m from the first day on part of a big gang, the Berlin/Mexican Cartel (\Workin title), so I chose to portray them. One night, when there’s again another event, this time a mediation/concert and party from the Kavana series happening, I take my camera and invite the guests to participate in this intervention/performance shooting, this time with my double eye, the crystal lens. Elya Weingrod, is the curator and founder of Artes.House, the “umbrella” that held all of the events and space at the venue “Cafe Madre” this day, makes it happen. And this event was part of their launching popup gallery, where Art and people come together in a more human way, far away from the idea of the white cube of galleries. I’m very happy I was able to capture, what radiates the most light for me, and also the most shadow by the way: Humans. This is also what I think makes them so interesting, after all…

Thanks to Brent, Elya and Marcello for your collaboration and for being also a part of the series, like so many others. So thank you all for shaping my light in the best imaginable way!